Duplicate File Finder by Rashid Hoda

Duplicate File Finder by Rashid Hoda 7.5

Locates identical or empty files and cleans them
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Rashid Hoda
Free up space and tidy up your music or photo collection by having the duplicate or empty files automatically removed. The tool scans the specified location and compares the files byte by byte to ensure that they're a perfect match. It also includes a "Fast Searching" feature, which is useful for dealing with large files.

Duplicate File Finder is a freeware utility to find duplicate files.
In the main screen of this program you can choose where to look for duplicated files (being that your net drives, floppies, hard disk(s), CD or DVD units), and which extensions you´ll like to search for, or exclude from your scan.

You can search by name, file size, file content or any combination of these parameters. You can also set a range of file sizes to look for, entering a minimum and a maximum size. You can choose to look or not into subfolders or into hidden folders, and to include or exclude hidden files.

The program will then quickly scan for duplicated files in the selected locations. It will perform the task in three steps, showing you a progress indicator in the lower left corner of the screen. You can abort this search in any moment.

Once that the scan finishes, you can delete the files, export the results to various file formats and preview image files. You can choose which action to take, if any.

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  • It´s a great utility to scan for duplicated stuff in your disks, and it´s free


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